Smart Home

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The intelligent home control technology is already present in our daily environment and will spread wherever the common good is at stake. The number and scope of functions offered is constantly increasing.

Smart homes are connected networks that can be remotely controlled via a smartphone or tablet. The residents of these houses have the possibility to control their entire household via a simple terminal without being at home. The objects themselves get to know the habits of the residents of the house.
Sensors (humidity and temperature sensors, motion detectors, timers, etc.) are located throughout the house. They send impulses to the actuators (control points of connected devices such as blinds, heaters, dimmers, etc.). These in turn release the energy flow and ensure that the programmed commands are transmitted to the devices connected to the system.

For example, simply enter the desired temperature for the thermostat. With the help of motion and light sensors, the system adjusts the heating to the presence in the house. And with a simple click on your mobile phone, you can control your TV or washing machine.