Immomig® 8.0; " Try it and you'll stick with it! »

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A new chapter will soon open with the upcoming deactivation of Immomig® Version 7.0, but above all it's a new adventure that starts with our brand new tool, Version 8.0!

This latest version of the software is a great success with our first users! In fact, even more powerful than the previous version and with many additional features, those who have tested it are already thrilled!

Thanks to Immomig® Version 8.0, you can discover the following new tools, among others:

1. A geographical search area on a Google map
2. Evaluation of the ad quality with ADS QUALITY®
3. Several new statistics and e-mail reports
4. A new marketing funnel
5. Simple and extensive data export

It also offers optimal ergonomics, including:

1. A new configurable dashboard
2. A reorganization of the headings
3. Personalization of result display filters
4. Personalization of the fields of the main input forms
5. Improved global search
6. Recommended links at the end of the page

Finally, the new version of Immomig® is even more efficient in terms of safety and speed, in particular with:

1. Detection and blocking of fraudulent use attempts
2. The use of new servers and PHP 7.0

Don't wait any longer to learn everything version 8.0 has to offer and click below !

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Your IMMOMIG AG team will be happy to assist you with this conversion and also offers various workshops to familiarize you with the new software! Please visit our page "Events" at