Home Staging - the secret of love at first sight!

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In this article, we present you the simple rules of home staging that will give you a decisive competitive advantage by properly staging your property for sale or rental. The objective of this technique is to make your property attractive to as many visitors as possible so that they can project themselves directly into it. To do this, the full potential of housing must be revealed by drawing attention to the strengths of the property.

Did you know that a buyer usually makes his decision within the first two minutes of the visit? So what are our little tips to get a crush right from the start!

1. De-cluttering
An overloaded interior does not allow visitors to correctly perceive the size of the room. So sort it out and keep only the essentials!

2. Depersonalize
Your tastes may not be those of the majority and some decoration or layout choices may have a negative impact on some people interested in your property. Choose neutral tones and remove the decoration a little too typical!

3. Repair and clean up
Is the corner of your kitchen cabinet damaged? It may not be much, but the buyer can easily imagine that you have not taken care of the property. So take out your tools, repair what can be quickly hidden and present your property only once it is clean.