CECB, the certificate for the energy evaluation of your building !

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Delivered since 2009 throughout Switzerland by certified experts, the energy certificate allows owners and future buyers of a property to assess its energy quality and identify any renovation needs if it is already built. Valid for 10 years, a high score can enhance the appeal of a property.

Good news, many cantons are subsidising the CEBS Plus certificate (CEBS with advice report) by paying individual aid! Please contact your cantonal authorities directly to find out if you meet the requirements. To learn more about this certificate, please visit the CEBS official website.

Access to the official CECB website

As good news rarely comes alone, we are delighted to announce that thanks to a recent update of Immomig®, it is now possible for you to share with your clients not only the overall score obtained at CEBS for your object but also the efficiency of the envelope directly on your documentation or advertisements. These two results are likely to make all the difference!