A CO2 limit value will apply to buildings as of 2023

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In order to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, the Commission of the Council of States decided in early September to revise the CO2 Act. Switzerland should therefore introduce a limit value for CO2 emissions for buildings as early as 2023. Buildings will have to fall below 20kg of CO2 emissions per square metre over the course of a year. As a result, many homeowners will have to change their heating systems or perform insulation work. In addition, this limit value would be reduced every five years.

The Council of States also wants to reduce CO2 emissions through a series of new taxes such as the one on airline tickets or the price of petrol. Some of the money raised through these new measures will go into a climate fund. This will be used to finance various environmental actions. In particular, an energy renovation programme for buildings should be financed with the aim of reducing electricity consumption in winter, but also an energy planning programme, including the replacement of many oil and electric heating systems.