How can you be more efficient when working from the home?

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Many experts believe that the coronavirus has changed the way we work and that some of the changes are likely to be long-lasting. Working from home is one of them. Both employers and employees themselves have realised, thanks to this health crisis, that they can do more than they thought they could do remotely.

As a result, in this context where home office is very popular, many ideas to become always more efficient from home office have emerged. For you, we have sorted them out! Discover below our selection of good tips to adopt as quickly as possible:

1. Create morning and evening routines
In order to be able to work properly from home, it is necessary to adopt routines to prevent that the boundaries between work and private life become too blurred. Try to create break times that mark the beginning and the end of the working day, so that you don't feel overwhelmed by the feeling of being in the office all the time. In the evening, for example, once your hours are over, take a walk outside, which will force you to take a break.

2. Set up a comfortable workspace at home.
Avoid spending all day working from your couch or worse from your bed! If possible, isolate yourself in a room equipped with a desk-like layout to avoid distractions and end up with back pain. If that's not possible, then sit on the kitchen table and make sure that people around you understand that you're working from home so you're not interrupted every 10 minutes.

3. Communicate your schedule
More than ever when you are teleworking, it is important to communicate with your team. Share with your colleagues your schedule and how you are progressing on your various tasks. To ensure that information passes on well at all levels, think about organizing videoconferences occasionally to keep people connected!