Coworking Spaces – The future of real estate use?

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Times are changing and so is how we work. One of these modern trends is coworking.

Old office layouts are disappearing and making way for a work environment adapted to the lifestyle. The idea behind coworking is simple: "working alone together" or, in other words, "achieving more together than alone".

But first the question: Who uses coworking spaces?
In the early days, start-ups and small businesses emerged as the primary users. Today, however, things look different: Operators of coworking spaces are now seeing a balanced ratio of users from established large corporations and SMEs operating in a wide variety of industries.

The big question is what are the plus points of this form of office?
The most important will probably be the following:

1) Reduction of fixed costs
Because no fixed office space has to be rented and their entire infrastructure has to be maintained, costs can be reduced. This is a great advantage, especially in the current real estate market.

2) The communitiy idea of coworking
For a large number of users of coworking spaces, communication and (cross-industry) exchange with other participating companies plays an important role. This helps to broaden the horizons of the workforce and promote new ideas.

3) Coworking spaces for cross-location teams
Ensuring successful collaboration is particularly important for companies with diverse locations. In such cross-location, non-local teams, this interaction must work. The exchange of information on the distribution of tasks in specified periods of time should be guaranteed on a permanent basis. Coworking spaces offer an ideal space for this type of virtual team.

4) Corporate social responsibility
With the shift to coworking spaces, long working hours are also being avoided. These are not only tiring and time-consuming for employees, but also have a negative impact on the eco-balance. The advantage of coworking spaces is that they are easy to reach by public transport due to their central location in urban centres.

This is what coworkers say about their workplace model:
- 70% feel healthier than at their previous workplace
- 85% are more motivated
- 68% can concentrate better in the coworking space
- 90% feel more self-confident as a result of coworking
- 91% increase their social interaction
- 92% are satisfied with their coworking space

So it seems: coworking spaces are here to stay.

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