USPI Broker Day 2022

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As usual, IMMOMIG SA sponsored the USPI Brokers' Day which was held at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne in a studious atmosphere.
Technical and political topics were discussed by various high-profile speakers. The event was a great success.
We are ready to do it again next year as this event is one of the most qualitative in terms of content.

USPI Switzerland
The Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals (USPI Switzerland) is a federation of associations.
It brings together the associations of real estate professionals of the six French-speaking cantons.

The objectives of USPI Switzerland are, among others, the following

  • To defend the interests of real estate professionals in French-speaking Switzerland in all matters concerning them, particularly in legislative, fiscal and financial matters;

  • To establish links of confraternity between the various cantonal associations of managers and brokers;

  • To bring together the strengths of the various associations (of owners and professionals in particular) that deal with real estate issues at the Swiss level;

  • To promote the development of recommendations on the definition of services;

  • To encourage and develop professional training.