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What is artificial intelligence?

In short, artificial intelligence is a field of computer science that aims to develop computer systems capable of performing intelligent tasks similar to humans, using sophisticated algorithms and techniques. It opens up many possibilities for automating tasks, making data-driven decisions, and improving performance in various fields.

How can it be used in real estate?

There are many cases where artificial intelligence can be put at the service of real estate, in this article we have selected the following 5:

  • Property Assessment: AI can be used to objectively assess property values. By analyzing historical data, market trends, property characteristics and other factors, it can provide an accurate estimate of a property's value.

    • Document management: This technology can be used to automatically analyze and sort real estate documents such as rental agreements, leases, title deeds, bank statements, etc. This saves time and reduces human error when managing documentation.

      • Real Estate Management: Artificial intelligence can be used to manage and monitor real estate assets, collecting data on equipment performance, energy consumption, maintenance costs, etc. This enables predictive maintenance, identifying potential problems before they become critical, and optimizing operating costs.

        • Assistance in writing real estate ads: Thanks to this kind of tools, real estate agents can simply fill in the characteristics of a mandate, then the AI automatically writes the ad.

          • Entry and exit inventory: It is enough to take pictures of the whole property, 3D models of it are then made. This is done at the entrance of the tenants and also at the exit so that an artificial intelligence can then compare the 3D models of the property between them and note the differences. This AI-enhanced process avoids any subjectivity that could distort the appreciation of the property.

          • What we must not forget is that artificial intelligence is not ready to replace real estate professionals, but rather to relieve them of certain repetitive and time-consuming tasks. This kind of tools, used to automate certain tasks, really allows to improve the productivity and the efficiency of the different actors of the sector.

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