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A few months ago, we presented you the DigiRENT-AI project, today the first stage of development is completed.
This project, which aims to provide our digital rental module with artificial intelligence, is supported by the Swiss Confederation through the "Innosuisse" program and is developed in partnership with the HES-SO Fribourg.
AI will support real estate professionals during different key steps of the rental process. This technology is particularly useful to automate time-consuming tasks or to analyze a large amount of data and propose relevant choices.

The first AI modules that will be implemented in the future are the following

  • Choice of the best broker: by analyzing the past data of the agency and its different brokers, the artificial intelligence will be able to tell which broker should be the best to sell a specific property. It will then suggest the 3 brokers who, according to the data, should be the most likely to rent the property in question.

    • Choice of the best publication strategy: this time, it will be a question of orienting the choice of portals on which to publish one's ad according to the past data. By taking into account, for example, the type of property or the region in which it is located, the artificial intelligence will be able to make predictions and determine an optimal publication strategy.

      • Creation of descriptions from images of an object: thanks to the images of a property, the AI will be able to define the characteristics of the property in question such as the number of bedrooms, the type of kitchen, or the presence or not of a pool. This information will allow the artificial intelligence to automatically generate ad descriptions. This should greatly facilitate the life of real estate professionals in performing these kinds of tasks that often take a lot of time.

      • We are very excited about the progress of this project and look forward to announcing its implementation in the future.